Thursday, July 28, 2011

Templates: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

Just recently I've found a love for templates. I haven't been digiscrapping all that long, especially compared to seasoned scrappers, but from the beginning I had an aversion to using templates. I'm not exactly sure why. It may have been because I felt like the resulting layout wasn't truly mine or that I was somehow stinting my creativity by using templates--maybe both. In spite of my feelings, I've used them a few times, whether for CT assignments or template challenges in forums, but just recently I bought a pack and used a couple of templates simply out of time constraints. Since I've started designing, I really haven't had much scrap time--something that I definitely need to find balance for because I still really love scrapping.

So just yesterday I was using these templates I'd purchased, and I discovered something wonderful. It's something that lots of people say--that templates are simply meant as a guide to help you construct your layout, but that concept finally sank in for me as I started with the template and slowly worked it into my own layout. The foundation was there, but with my added touches, it truly became my layout. I've also realized that having really amazing templates (used templates from  the very talented Sara aka Zinnias and Swallowtails and Marie H Designs) did wonders for my attitude toward them! I was so pleasantly surprised.

Any template lovers out there? Who are your favorite template designers? Any template haters? On the fence? Tell me what you think! :-)


  1. Ohhh thank you so much for the mention Sarah! I had to say as odd as it may sound there was quite a long period (once upon a time) where I felt much as you did about using templates in my scrapping. I'm so happy I let go of those ideas though because I've found them to be such a wonderful tool for storytelling. And really a fabulous way to get empowered creatively! ♥

  2. I never really understood the point of them either. I thought people would "look down on me" for using a template. At first I couldn't even figure out how to use them. A few template challenges later, and I realized how extremely customizable they are, and you can always add and take away, move around, flip, rotate...pretty much make it your own layout. I've actually started with a template before, and in the process become truly inspired with what I wanted to do and change it completely! I almost can't scrap without them anymore! If your looking for awesome template designers, I LOVE FIddlee Dee Dee, Scrapping with Liz, and Nanies, all over at Scrap Orchard. Connie Prince and Trixie scraps have some great ones, along with Little Green Frog Designs! :)

  3. I love templates. I love them so much that my self-designed pages often start as templates or half-templates before I start adding papers and photos. I started in scrapping in Sprague-land, so I still love Jessica Sprague's templates. I also love templates by Joey Lynn Designs. She doesn't have a store anymore, but she used to give a free template away on her blog every Tuesday. She's been taking a break over the summer but will begin again soon. I find that most of my templates are freebies (especially from template challenges) or they come in bundles, but occasionally I see templates that I just have to have (some of Joey Lynn's, Captivated Visions journaling only templates) and once I bought an entire bundle collab (You are my sunshine by Dunia and Studio Basic) just to get my hands on an included template.